Lease Pet Agreement

Lease Pet Agreement: Understanding the Key Terms and Conditions

If you`re a pet owner who rents a property, you may have faced the challenge of finding a rental that allows pets. However, even pet-friendly rentals require pet owners to sign a lease pet agreement.

A lease pet agreement outlines the rules and regulations for having pets on the rental property. It`s a binding document that protects both the landlord and the tenant and ensures that pets are well-behaved and don`t cause any damage.

Here are the key terms and conditions you should be aware of in a lease pet agreement:

Pet Description

The agreement should include a detailed description of your pet, including its breed, age, and size. Some landlords may restrict certain breeds, such as pit bulls or German Shepherds, so make sure to check with the landlord before signing the agreement.

Pet Deposits and Fees

Most landlords require a pet deposit or fee to cover any damages caused by the pet. The agreement should include the amount of the deposit or fee and whether it`s refundable or non-refundable. Make sure you understand the consequences of any damage your pet may cause and the costs associated with it.

Pet Behavior

The agreement should outline the expected behavior of your pet while on the rental property. This may include rules such as keeping the pet on a leash, not allowing it to disturb the neighbors, and properly disposing of pet waste. Failure to follow these rules may result in fines or even eviction.

Pet Care

The agreement should include guidelines for pet care, such as providing adequate food and water, regular exercise, and proper grooming. It`s important to show that you`re a responsible pet owner and that you`re taking good care of your pet.

Pet Liability

The agreement should outline the liability of the pet owner in case of any damage or injury caused by the pet. This may include injuries to other people or pets, damage to the rental property, or any legal fees associated with such incidents.


Signing a lease pet agreement is an important step in renting a property as a pet owner. It protects both the landlord and the tenant and ensures that pets are well-cared-for and well-behaved. Before signing the agreement, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions and ask any questions that you may have.